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People who live in a hot climate can discover a portable solution for keeping cool indoors that is vent free, economical and kind to the environment. In fact, it’s a really great way to stay nice and cool when the outside temperatures get uncomfortably hot!

What I’m talking about here is the kind of portable air cooler that doesn’t run on atmosphere damaging gasses (CFCs) and doesn’t need to be vented to the outside to provide cool air wherever you need. The best part is that this kind of unit does it at a fraction of the cost of larger home air conditioning installations.

And in these times of economic downturn, saving money on energy bills is a big priority for many households. But folks still need to stay cool in hot weather.

So by having an economical alternative to the power hungry HVAC monsters and even many portable air conditioning units means you can stay cool for less!

Cool Air Without an Ugly Vent Hose

This post explores this amazing type of air cooler and explains what they are, how they work and where they can provide the best level of air cooling for certain situations. We also provide a selection of ideas that are potentially money saving that come recommended by satisfied owners of these units.

But first off, let’s look at exactly what these portable air coolers are and what they can do.

What is a Ventless Air Cooler?

To be truly vent free, that is in not needing to have the hot exhaust air pumped to the outside, an air chiller has to do its job without the use of a heat converter as used on conventional air conditioners. That included the portable variety.

Well they are available in a variety of sizes and output levels to cater for most air cooling situations.

They are better known as swamp coolers or to use their correct name, evaporative coolers. Instead of using refrigeration to cool the air, they use a much simpler method to blast cool air in your direction. Here’s how is works:

A lattice of absorbent material is stretched across a frame allowing a powerful fan to force the warm room air through it. The lattice is permanently dipped in a reservoir of plain water (it can be chilled by adding ice cubes) that soaks the material.

The air that passes through it evaporates the moisture, which is cooled and blasted into the room as cold air. It is genius in its simplicity and because there is no refrigeration mechanism, it uses a lot less power to run than conventional aircon units.

The Downside to Evaporative Air Coolers

There is only one major flaw in using cooling by evaporation. That is its effectiveness decreases considerably when used in a room where there is a high level of humidity already.

The higher the air’s humidity, the less effective the cooler will be.

The reason for this is because of the way the unit cools air. By evaporating moisture into dry air, the temperature of the air is naturally cooled in the same way we humans sweat to keep cool. The sweat evaporates and cools our skin.

But when the amount of moisture increases in the air, such as in an enclosed space like a room in a house, the cooling effect is reduced. For this reason, these air coolers are only recommended for people that live in areas of low humidity.

But if you live in a low humidity area, then this kind of air cooling solution could be for you.

You can read more about these amazing cost effective climate control solutions in a detailed article all about portable AC units that are vent free by clicking that link. It is actually worth checking out that piece along with the other related articles published on that site at https://ventless-portable-air-conditioners.blogspot.com to get a full picture of what these devices are and how they really work.